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The theory of knowledge essay is the type that scares the hell out of students with severe requirements. This writing deals with the knowledge question and is the challenge for student to demonstrate the creative thinking. Composing theory of knowledge writing, the writer pursues the goal to make a comparison of various methods of obtaining knowledge, such as language, emotion, perception, and reason. TOK paper is related to eight areas of knowledge (AOK), which are mathematics, human and natural sciences, history, ethics, the arts, indigenous and religious knowledge systems.

The length of the tok essay can range from 1200 to 1600 words.

If you haven’t yet generated the ideas for writing and title page is the only page you have, look through our informative guide on how to compose a tok paper.

How to write a good tok essay structure

The first step towards creation flawless theory of knowledge writing is deciding on a title that will be your rubric. You should examine the topics that are related to AOK, which interest you the most. If you think you can develop a particular issue with own thoughts and expertise, this topic is right for you. Now, you can start creating an outline of your paper. Outline serves as a plan, which will guide you throughout the drafting process. Highlight those main parts of your outline:

  • Introduction. Try to paraphrase the title with own words. Explain the key concepts and provide clear definitions of complex terms. State your issue here. It has to be connected with AOK question, which is also interesting for you.
  • Main body paragraphs. The central part of your paper has to be devoted to different AOK. Decide on the AOK, which will be your essay’ basis. Each AOK has to be laid out with examples and arguments (as well as counterarguments).

Tip: you should lay out what explanation for the title can a particular field of knowledge offer. This will prove you consider one AOK in cooperation with others in developing a versatile solution for the problem.

  • Conclusion. In this last paragraph, you summarize your key ideas and provide your understanding of the thesis considering all the work done in main bodies.

Don’t forget to examine the assessment criteria. Consider that word limit for you tok paper is 1200-1600 words and don’t violate this rule. Format and structure your essay according to them and it will absolutely bring you an excellent grade.

TOK essays writing won’t seem such a horror to you if you follow the recommendations. But if you still seem confused, get a look at tok essay examples from TOK essay writers, to ensure your understanding of such writing.

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How to write a TOK essay?

Writing a TOK essay can be easy as long as you focus on number one priority which is to answer your own title to the best of your knowledge. However, if you are fed up with writing your TOK essay and would like some TOK essay help, we can help you with it. With our services, you will not have to worry about the little details and potential mistakes that usually happen when making school paper. Our professional TOK essay writers have written thousands of essays, and to this day their work ethic remains unbeaten. You can simply buy a TOK essay from PaperLeaf using our order form.

TOK essay rubric

A TOK essay rubric will be your best guideline for how your answers should be formulated for the given task. The rubrics will usually focus on understanding knowledge questions about the given topic and the quality of the provided analysis. There are many examples you can find on our site as we provide excellent writing services. Additionally, keep in mind that once a rubric is chosen there needs to be a sufficient amount of knowledge shown on the given topic, so carefully follow the rubric guidelines.

TOK essay sample

Getting started on the TOK writing can be challenging for many individuals. An essential part of getting started with writing the paper you can get a sample that offers insight into the mechanics of a quality written paper. If you are looking for one, you can find it on our site as we have made thousands of TOK texts for people all over the world and can provide you with extraordinary samples that can showcase our work as well as get you started with your own. Additionally, we might also require samples of the format you want the essays written in so we can determine the direction to where your paperwork should go if you want to buy a tok essay.

tok essay example

TOK essay outline

Every kind of essay discussion has to have an outline as that is a crucial part of a successfully written article. Outlines are claims that will give your argument validation and certainty. For example, you could argue using logic in reasoning as your pillar. Something in the form of ” there is no reason without logic “.

After which you will have to explain why such a claim was made and what backs up that claim. Watch out for the TOK essay word limit as things can get deep and wordy in this part of the TOK writing. It’s easy to get lost and go over the limit as the all essays have to follow a straight outline.

TOK essay titles 2019

Tons of titles can be chosen as the best essay titles. Our provided samples are just some of the titles that we offer with our services as they can be created for each individual and their essay requirements.

– Interdisciplinary approaches to acquiring knowledge

– as knowledge increases doubt increases

– Without consensus and disagreement, there can be little knowledge advancements

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