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    Have you faced the situation when the essay you submitted hasn’t brought you a good grade? Such case frequently happens with many students. And the cause of such problem is plagiarism.

    Best essay plagiarism checker for canadian students

    Plagiarism can ruin even the flawless paper. But it’s difficult to avoid it if you get your data from Internet. It’s a challenge to find trustworthy source and sometimes even the reliable from the first sight; source can contain copied information.

    The only way to submit non-plagiarized assignment is to check it with Canadian plagiarism detector (essay similarity checker).
    . This useful tool conducts the examination of your paper to detect copied content and state from which source it was taken. Plagiarism checker is helper you require to submit excellent assignments without copy-pasted data. The enthusiastic team of PaperLeaf is here to present you, such helper!

    How does our free essay plagiarism checker work?

    To check your essay for plagiarism, you need to upload your document to PaperLeaf website. That’s the moment where work on your paper starts. Our detector analyzes the whole text and compares it to similar findings on Internet. Then checker does the thorough research and scan “suspicious” fragments of the text.

    When this part of work is done, you will be able to see a report on the examined text. The checker generates the results of examination and presents percentage of unique information. It also provides a list of sources, where similar information has been found. All the copied content will be highlighted in text, and unique parts will remain untouched.

    How our online plagiarism checker can help you

    All the professors and teachers expect you to write your academic essays on your own providing citation. But sometimes you can’t avoid asking for writing assistance or buy an essay. Sometimes it’s just the only way to submit a paper in time!

    Once you receive the written paper, checking it with anti-plagiarism tool will be your best decision. Considering our plagiarism checker report, you will be able to find out what you should change in your text. You will find out what parts have to be rewritten and whether text lacks citations or not.  Our checker does the “dirty” job for you – scan the content. The entire task what is left for you is to rewrite some not-so-unique parts to present a paper that deserves an A+ grade.

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    Best essay plagiarism checker for canadian students

    What benefits will you enjoy choosing our detector?

    • Well, first of fall, you will be able to scan your essay free of charge. No pay in advance and no charge for the report – our detector works absolutely for free.
    • Secondly, you get a detailed summary of your document. Here you can see percentage of plagiarized and authentic content in your essay.
    • Thirdly, you get confidence. Our detector doesn’t miss a single word or phrase. It analyzes all the smallest constituents of your document and looks for similarity throughout the web. You can be assured and confident that all copied information will be revealed to you.
    • The last but not least thing you get is a time to spare. Revising your text on plagiarism on your own can be time-consuming, while detector from PaperLeaf canadian custom essay writing service can immediately tell you the result. Entrusting the examination of your documents to our checker you give yourself the most precious gift – free time.

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