How much education do I need?

How much education will be necessary in the near future, and what kind of education would this have to be? How many years and from what age on? How many days and how many hours? What kind of disciplines and skills?

Answer from our writer

Education is a life long process – from birth until death you will need to continue to learn.

What kind of disciplines and skills should you learn? That’ll depends on your surroundings/environment. If you live in the desert you’re not going to need the same sort of education as someone living in a metropolitan area – if you live in a war torn country – if you live in the mountains – if you live in silicon valley – they’ll all require a different set of skills. Sure some skills will overlap but you really have to do an assessment on your environment and educate yourself accordingly.

I know I’m being vague but I think this is important to note.

hat is a very specific question, the short and ‘vague’ answer would be, you need as much education as necessary (as vague as the question)

Education is just the means to an end. You also gotta remember something in this day and age information is out there an available, you wanna learn about electrical engineering? You don’t need to go to a college, the information is out there on the internet, you wanna become a programmer? You can learn online you don’t need a fancy school. Information is free and available (we should keep it that way) for us to use.

Now if you want society to acknowledge that u posses a certain degree of understanding on a particular topic well enough? Then you need a degree issued by an entity in which society has agreed and bestowed the authority and ability to certified you with such.

I have know many people with no degrees whatsoever that could run around people with a wall full of them. Is just a piece of paper.

I hope my answer helped at least a bit.

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