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Student Online Plagiarism Checker with Percentage Score

So, what is our online tool? Well, our free online plagiarism checker for students in Canada is an advanced program that is going to scan through your document and make sure that none of the information you have written is copied. Using an advanced algorithm, your paper is compared to online sources, with the tool looking for similar information. On the screen, the content with percentage score is displayed.

The benefit of this tool with percentage scorer is that you can see if any the content you have written is accidentally similar to another source. This means that you have the opportunity to make changes to your document before you submit your paper to your school. This avoids you getting into any trouble for plagiarism that you were not aware of and still receiving a good grade for your assignment. Everybody wins.

How to Use the Our Plagiarism Checker Free

Our plagiarism checker with percentage results is easy to use and displays your results super quick. All you have to do is copy your document and paste it into the box. You can also drop the file or click to upload it. Then you hit the ‘check your essay’ button and wait for the results. This should be quick and only take a few moments.

Next, the tool with percentage results will pop up. This is going to show you the uniqueness of your document. If there is any coped or similar information, a list of sources will be included, which will be the internet pages you could have used. The passages that are similar will be highlighted so you now where the problems are to correct.

What’s more, one of the best parts of our report is that it is free to use. A lot of other tools out there on the internet make you pay for the results. But with our Paper Leaf checker, it is all free for students and teachers. We want to help you achieve a good grade and avoid making any fatal mistakes. Our service is reliable, fast and will provide you with a detailed report you can use to make revisions. It is that simple.

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