Can someone help me form my intro for an Argumentative Synthesis essay?

This is a serious inquiry. I've been dreading over how hard it is to develop an intro paragraph for my argument synthesis paper, and we have to discuss our intros tomorrow. Someone please just help me with proper structuring.

Answer from our writer

Yes this is easy.
First what is your topic you are going to use for your argument synthesis?
OK lets say you pick a topic favoring the police having greater power to monitor their citizens.
Second step is to loosely define the arguments.
An example is 1). reasons for. A). To catch murders and criminals. B). To make life safer for the citizens. C). To make it easier for police to catch terrorists.
2). the reasons against examples. A). Police will misuse their powers and catch low level street hoods. B). It will be harder for the average citizen to feel safe knowing their communications are not secure. C). Good police work can still catch murders, and terrorists and community policing can make life safer for the citizens.
OK Example technology is Police use of mobile (fake) cellphone towers. ++> Stingray Surveillance

“State and local law enforcement agencies across the U.S. are setting up fake cell towers to gather mobile data, but few will admit it”

OK once you have the basic structure of all the topics your opening intro paragraph contains a simple intro sentence, and essentially the topic sentence from each of the reasons for and reason against paragraphs. The last sentence is a conclusion sentence.

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