About the educational project "Translations make the world more accessible."

About the educational project “Translations make the world more accessible.” We are a team of like-minded people who are engaged in scientific translations from leading sources. We believe that information today solves most of the development problems of both individuals and the technical areas of entire countries. Paperleaf is the most important sponsor of our scientific translation project, which makes the main contribution to supporting the project in the post-Soviet space. These countries were behind the Iron Curtain during the Cold War between the USA and the USSR and were in short supply of information. Today, these are developing economies that crave cutting-edge information not only in the science sector but also in healthcare and even in culture. However, poor knowledge of the English language left after the Soviet regime as a birthmark is holding back the development of these countries. The grown millennials cannot fix the situation in the main sectors, despite knowledge of English.

The site is not only financial but also technical support that allows us to provide translations for viewing on our Internet resource. This makes it easy for us to achieve our goals by delivering high-quality translators for complex scientific articles.

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Автор Вільям А. Сетарес, Професор, Електрична та комп’ютерна інженерія, Інженерний коледж Фонду університету Вісконсіна. Оригінал статті можна знайти на сайті...
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